About Us


Becaquip Investments (Pvt) Ltd is a leading supplier of Electrical Services and Sheet Metal Works manufacturing Commercial Catering & Refrigeration Equipment, hospital, and school equipment, furniture and cleaning materials. With over 7 years of experience, the Company provides outstanding and exceptional service in the hospitality and food service industry in Zimbabwe.

Premium Quality

The company provides premium quality products that carry full warranties against material and workmaship defects and all products are tested to qualify for the stringent operation criteria demanded by the national catering and food service industry.



The company endeavors to deliver any of our products within 72hours in urban areas and within 96 hours to any other location in Zimbabwe.

Sales & Service

Our experienced sales team is able to assist you with product related enquiries and our expert technical representatives are standing by to take your queries and complaints since they undergo rigorous training to maintain very high levels of service.

Areas Of Speciality

  • Catering & Bakery Equipment
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Refrigeration & Butchery Equipment
  • Aircon Installation & Services
  • School Furniture
  • Detergents

Products Range

Becaquip products are normally manufactured as per customer’s specifications


Our mission is to meet the needs of the company’s customers by providing a variety of high quality, accessible and affordable electrical, catering and refrigeration equipment, furniture and cleaning materials and to maintain a profitable and competitive position in the market.


To achieve and improve on our mission elements which are highlighted above.

Our customers, who constitute the local and central government, corporate business, private institutions and small business are the sole reason for our existence and as such we will be driven by their demands for superior products.

Variety will be achieved by offering a wide range of products and services demanded by the catering and food service industry in Zimbabwe.

Quality of products and services is an obligation to our customers and we will ensure this though: availability, reliability, efficiency, and technology.

Accessibility to our services will be achieved through network expansion and modernization strategies carefully crafted to balance the distribution of resources and effort.

Affordable prices for our services and products are both a challenge and an obligation to our customers, a challenge in that we will endeavor to keep our prices lower than the rate of inflation and an obligation in that we will provide services to rural and remote places at a higher cost than normal but still charge affordable prices as a social responsibility.

Profitability; we aim to consistently achieve viable levels of profitability and be recognized as a high-performance entity in the food service and catering industry in Zimbabwe.

Competition; we face intensifying competition in our business and we are challenged to guard our position and constantly improve our product quality and customer service.